Local Noise: Syka

Syka played their first show in December 2011. But even though the band has only been together a short period of time, they’ve already been featured on Q104.3, opened for major acts, and been filmed as part of MTV’s Jersey Shore. Lead singer, songwriter, and band namesake Syka is …

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Local Noise: Matt Wong

While he’s only 15 years old, Matt Wong is already receiving accolades for his guitar dexterity, and is starting to perform outside his home area of Central New Jersey. While starting out as a classical guitar player, he has developed a finger-picking style that is now garnering a lot of …

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Local Noise: Magic Thrust

Magic Thrust have burst onto the scene with, well, you can make your own pun based on the name of the band. But musically they have developed a unique sound that has brought them to the forefront of the New Brunswick party circuit, as well as venues such as the …

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Local Noise: Sara Carlson

Heralding from the Jersey Shore, by way of Italy, comes Sara Carlson, who recently released her third album, Heartdance. The release is a mixture of eclectic melodies and rhythms, and includes tribal drums and deep bass along with singer-songwriter sensibilities.

The album was recorded and co-produced with Scott Ansell, who …

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Local Noise: Social Hero

You don’t hear many young groups these days that sound like the great classic rock bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s; bands that capture the spirit and emotion of great rock and roll pioneers like The Who, Led Zeppelin, or Deep Purple, yet also manage to sound current and modern.

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Local Noise: The All Ways

The All Ways have come out of the local music scene and in a relatively short period of time, managed to play at venues such as Arlene’s Grocery, Webster Hall, Hammerstein Ballroom, Maxwell’s, and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. They also managed to land a spot on the popular …

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Interview with Noel Paul Stookey: One Voice And One Guitar

Noel Paul Stookey helped change the world. He was there at Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream Speech,” where he performed with his compatriots Peter and Mary. His voice and music graced airwaves across the country with songs of protest and change, helping the ‘60s message reach a …

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Local Noise: Kat McGivern

“I really miss the diners in New Jersey; there are no good diners in Boston,” laughs Kat McGivern about her return to Boston after spending much of her college years in the Garden State. Kat still considers New Jersey her second home, but has for the most part returned to …

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Local Noise: Marshall Railroad

Marshall Railroad is the musical vision of Joe Varga and Jason Deemer. They’ve been at it since they were kids and don’t plan on stopping in the foreseeable future. “We started playing together when we were 10 in Jason’s parents’ attic,” remembers Joe. “We tried to write theme songs for …

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Local Noise: Pat Guadagno

“I never made it to the Ed Sullivan Show, but I sang the national anthem at Giants Stadium before a Cowboys game, that was a goal,” laughs Pat Guadagno, talking about what he hopes to accomplish with his music. “I heard Vin Scelsa play one of my records on …

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