Shoreworld: Bruce Springsteen In Focus 1980-2012 – Photographs by Debra L. Rothenberg

It seems that with the invasion of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, picture taking has experienced a growth of immense proportions. And although this is a great springboard for the subsequent crop of artists, these programs offer little in the way of showing anyone actual experience or ways to earn credibility. …

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Shoreworld: Gorgeous & Gory; Slim Chance & The Gamblers

Gallery 13 Goes Gory – Oct. 5

Gallery 13 has been home to many New Jersey artists over the last few years. From photographers to painters, Gallery 13 has taken the opportunity to host to some interesting subjects. Their intended goal is to provide a venue for artists that demonstrate …

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Shoreworld: Souper Groove Festival Returns This Weekend; Seaside Heights Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

Souper Groove Music And Camping Festival Returns To Freehold On Sept. 27

When Turtle Soup member Jeff Mahajan first started tossing his idea for a grassroots festival around, I’m sure folks rolled their eyes at him. I mean, here’s one of those zany musicians who thinks that they can change …

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Shoreworld: The Larry Stevens Band Is On Fire; Empire Escorts Keep The Ghosts At Bay

The Larry Stevens Band – Heart On Fire

Larry Stevens is an artist that has nailed many outstanding credits to his wall of local fame. From Peter Frampton to Blood, Sweat & Tears, Stevens has experienced the stage with all the greats. Hailing from the Montvale, New Jersey “hood,” Stevens …

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Shoreworld: New Heights Festival This Weekend; The Backyard Sessions At The Saint

New Heights Festival Takes Over Seaside Heights On Sand, Land And Sea

When it comes to unique festival approaches that work, the folks over at NHF are among the leading innovators in New Jersey and beyond. They’ve figured out a way to bring multiple projects together in one concentrated area …

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Shoreworld: Stacie Rose – Stars, Stripes And Milestones

With a thematic stance on all things in the state of the emotional world, Stacie Rose’s new album, Stars, Stripes And Milestones, is a real-time journey into that wondrous maze of life. Rose wraps deeply personal topics in the fine, lyrical pondering of a world we can never predict. …

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Shoreworld: If You Built It, They Will Come – Jon Leidersdorff’s Lakehouse Line Drive

Jon Leidersdorff is a musician who has cultivated invaluable information from the ground up. From his early days in the Outcry, to commercial writer, producer and engineer, Jon has learned about the music industry from an insider’s perspective. But I have to admit that when he initially told me about …

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Hurricane Sandy Update: Helping Hands Of New Jersey – Getting The Job Done Without Uncle Sam

Greg and Karen Nixon are just regular Jersey folks. They love the summer, an occasional libation, and most of all, they love the great state of New Jersey. When Hurricane Sandy hit home, they didn’t wait for the feds to pick up the pieces. They jumped into action with a …

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Shoreworld: Thomas Wesley Stern – Evolution Naturally Happens

Thomas Wesley Stern invokes images far removed from the northern lifestyle that most of us know. This is a band that uses a modern approach to salute a simpler time of the distant past, which is funny because I’ve heard that they recently been accused of (hold your breath for …

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Hurricane Sandy Update: The “V” Zone Cometh

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy continues to play with the minds and wallets of victims long after the physical damage has been done. We’ve talked about the pre-dawn attack of looters; we’ve scratched our heads at the red tape of insurance companies and adjusters. Legal professionals have instructed us to …

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