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An Interview with Exmortus: Born To Battle

Exmortus are a Whittier, California-based death/thrash metal band that was formed in 2002. The group released the albums In Hatred’s Flame (2008) and Beyond The Fall Of Time (2011) through Heavy Artillery Records before signing to their present label, Prosthetic Records. They just released their third full-length album, Slave

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Interview with Satan: Serving Their Sentence

Satan are a New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band that was formed in 1979. They have three full-lengths—1983’s Court In The Act, 1987’s Suspended Sentence, and 2013’s Life Sentence—and one EP—1986’s Into The Future—to their name.

Over the years, Satan have been known by a number of different…

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Interview with Masters Of Illusion: Up To New Tricks

The Masters Of Illusion performed on Feb. 6 at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City, and featured routines with Rick Thomas and Michael Finney. The Masters Of Illusion live event magic show will be taking place every Thursday in February at Harrah’s.

Feb. 20 features Peter Gossamer and Ed Alonzo.…

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Paradox: Tales Of The Weird

German thrash metallers Paradox return for a sixth album filled with aggressive speed metal. There are five songs here over five minutes, and the first, “Tales Of The Weird,” is over nine. A lot of the extended instrumental sections throughout add a mystical touch to an outing that has…

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Gama Bomb: The Terror Tapes

Northern Ireland thrashers Gama Bomb have just put out their fourth album, The Terror Tapes, which has a strong crossover-thrash feel throughout. “The Wrong Stuff” is the album opener and immediately begins the disc in a proper way. With no useless intro, it is very energetic and intense, with…

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An Interview with Sin Quirin from Ministry: Bottoms Up For The Beers To Eternity

Sin Quirin is an industrial metal guitarist for Ministry as well as Revolting Cocks and The Great AmeriCon. A few months ago, Ministry released From Beers To Eternity, dubbed the swansong of Ministry due to the passing of Ministry and Rigor Mortis guitarist Mike Scaccia.

The Aquarian recently spoke…

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Winds Of Plague: Resistance

This Los Angeles, California, metal band has returned for a fifth album. The lineup has been solid since the addition of Alana Potocnik on keyboards in 2009 and now for the new album, Resistance, drummer Brandon Galindo joins the fold. “Open The Gates,” the disc opener, begins with a…

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Warbringer: IV: Empires Collapse

Warbringer come back for a fourth time with half of the old bandmates of Mantic Ritual—vocalist John Kevill, guitarists Jeff Potts and John Laux, bassist Ben Mottsman and drummer Carlos Cruz—for the strongest lineup of Warbringer yet. Empires Collapse is a real hit-you-in-the-face-with-an-aluminum-baseball-bat wild album. There are some real…

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Interview with The Great Kat: Shred On!

Katherine Thomas, also known as The Great Kat, is a violin and guitar prodigy who was born in London, England, and was enrolled in the prestigious Juilliard School of performing arts. She ended up becoming concertmaster at Juilliard and taught classes as an adjunct professor. Her debut as a…

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Interview with Emilie Autumn: Ready To Fight

Emilie Autumn is a gothic industrial violinist and singer-songwriter. Her most recent album, Fight Like A Girl, has shaped up to be the biggest and most important release of her career, appearing on her new label, The Asylum Emporium.

Autumn will be appearing at New York City’s Irving Plaza…

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