The Postelles: The Postelles

Sounding like a mix of Arctic Monkeys and early The Strokes, The Postelles’ debut self-titled album offers 12 songs, each coming in at around three minutes long, that will add a little zip to a morning commute and have you tapping your feet until you wear a hole in the …

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Thao & Mirah: Perfect Combination

Thao, of The Get Down Stay Down, and Mirah, who has previously collaborated with a number of guests on her five solo recordings, have sounds that can be enjoyed just fine individually, like peanut butter and chocolate. Now the two have finally pulled a Reese’s under the guidance …

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The Postelle: Going Postelle

After opening for everyone from Vampire Weekend to Chuck Berry, there comes a time when headlining is the best thing to do. So now The Postelles are headlining at Mercury Lounge on June 7 and 8. The band released their EP, White Nights, and are now ready to …

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HOWL! Festival: Just Belt It Out

The eighth annual HOWL! Festival is coming to Tompkins Square Park in NYC from June 3 to June 5 to bring a spread of sculpture, poetry circles and acoustic performances = each day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and celebrate Allen Ginsberg’s birthday. Ginsberg will be remembered by a …

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Steve Wright: Pretty Special Stuff

Steven Wright has been making audiences crack up since his 1985 Grammy-nominated debut, I Have A Pony, and his latest, I Still Have A Pony, has received another nod from the group. Now Wright is bringing his special brand of funny to The Wellmont Theatre on June 2

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The Biters And The Booze: Food And Drink

If you can’t make it to Atlanta, The Biters and The Booze are more than happy to bring some Southern hospitality to you. While each hails from Georgia, The Biters follow in the footsteps of groups like Jam and Cheap Trick with their power-pop and just released a new EP, …

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Stuyvesant: Fret Sounds

“Roll around in mud and watch cartoons/puddle hop splash and chase balloons/anything to brighten up your day,” Stuyvesant proclaims on “Neeto,” the seventh track off of their newest album, Fret Sounds. That’s exactly what the band’s goal seems to be throughout most of the album.

Lyrics are linked together …

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The Foot.: A Thing For Feet

Got a foot fetish? How about a The Foot. fetish? If you’ve got that special taste, or if you’re looking to expand your horizons, The Foot. is coming to The Trash Bar in NYC on May 22. Taking sounds from ‘60s and ‘70s classic rock, seasoning with a little …

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The City Music Project: Visual-Audio

The beauty of The City Music Project’s (TCMP) debut album, Visual-Audio, lies in its perfect balance of style. With the courage to experiment with an eclectic cocktail of percussion loops and sound effects and a sharp enough ear to let only the best into the party, DJ Golden Spiral …

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Strung Out: Two Decades Of Getting Twisted

Strung Out is coming around again, this time to offer a helping hand to Face To Face and Cerebral Ballzy, on May 18 at Best Buy Theater. Now 22 years old and seven albums deep, starting with Another Day In Paradise and most recently releasing Agents Of The

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