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Jeremy Davenport: Jazz And More

Having to split his time between New York and New Orleans is not slowing down highly praised NOLA jazz musician and entertainer, Jeremy Davenport at all. He has just released his fourth album, We’ll Dance ‘Til ...
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None More Black: Hometown Punk

Jersey punk outfit None More Black took their name from a line in This Is Spinal Tap, and, at times, their career has seemed like it was borrowed from a music documentary. With internal drama and personal probl...
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Amy Speace: She’s A Killer

The release of her latest album, The Killer In Me, shows that New York-based folk rocker Amy Speace has taken a dive into deeper, more emotionally-driven music. She has been quoted saying that she writes the th...
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Allman Brothers: Midnight Riders

Midnight Riders By Cristina Jimenez Southern rockers The Allman Brothers have been through their share of break ups and reunions since the late ‘60s and are now celebrating their 40th anniversary together...
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Amy Ray: Not Just An Indigo Girl

Trading in her warming voice harmonies and acoustic guitar for loud powerful vocals and an electric guitar, Amy Ray has made herself known as solo artist instead of the other half of the Indigo Girls. From fas...
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Bebe Buell For The Masses

World famous model, singer and former wife or girlfriend to at least one of your favorite rock stars from the ‘70s or ‘80s, Bebe Buell, will be performing at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ on Aug. 20 promo...
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