Celebrating Mardi Gras

For those of us unlucky enough not to make it down to Louisiana for this year’s New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration, Philly Gumbo is bringing a taste of the French Quarter to Pennsylvania at The Sellersville Theater located just off Route #309 on Fat Tuesday, February 17, at 8:00. Steeped …

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Beacon: Space-Age Love

Brooklyn-based Beacon are touring in celebration of their new L1 EP, released on Ghostly International a couple of months ago. L1 takes inspiration from the Lagrangian Points, five gravitational positions in which only a small body can stay in stable orbit. The duo blend classic R&B melodies with raw, minimalistic …

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JMSN: An Essential Shot

Michigan native JMSN has proven himself to be a multitalented singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. Mixing alternative R&B with an electronic sound, JMSN’s distinct music has caught the attention of thousands of fans across the nation. Known for songs like “Street Sweeper” and “Love & Pain,” JMSN’s soft vocals bring a new …

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Emmy The Great: Alluring Melodies

London-based singer-songwriter Emmy The Great has established herself in the folk world. The talented vocalist has collaborated with many musical artists while primarily focusing on her solo career. Her most recent single “Swimming Pool,” featuring Tom Fleming, highlights her flourishing creativity. Emmy The Great’s stunning artistic ability and vision is …

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Matt Keating: Quixotic

With a career spanning over two decades, Matt Keating has showcased his talents as a guitarist and pianist. Having produced multiple albums, Keating is no stranger to the time and effort required to create enjoyable tunes. His upcoming album, This Perfect Crime, captures his unmistakable folk-pop style. Keating will …

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The Expendables: Celestial Unity

California reggae/rock band The Expendables have mixed multiple styles together to create their individual sound. They’ve recently released their sixth studio album, Sand In The Sky, featuring “Starry Night” and “Music Move Me.” The group of four formed in 1997, having gradually improved their blended music throughout their career. …

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Body Language: A Lesson On Grammar

Playing one last show in their hometown before leaving for a West Coast tour, electro-pop band Body Language will be stopping by Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn on Feb. 11. The band has developed a reputation for their music that beautifully blends futuristic and funky sounds. They are sure …

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Dark Waves: California Dreamin’

Los Angeles-based Dark Waves are an up-and-coming band, mixing the wave sounds of the ‘80s with current ambient dream pop. Fronted by multi-instrumentalist Nick Long, the group is currently touring with Brooke Fraser and will play three shows in our area: Feb. 10 at World Café Live in Philadelphia, Feb.

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XG – Extreme Guitar Tour: Legends United

The Extreme Guitar Tour, shortened to XG, returns for another tour celebrating some of guitar history’s living legends. Uli Jon Roth will headline the show, and special guests include Vinnie Moore and Black Knights Rising. The show originated as a West Coast exclusive tour, but last year’s tour was the …

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Breakfast In Fur: Shaping The Portrait

Breakfast In Fur, a rock band from New Paltz, NY, just released their debut album, Flyaway Garden, on Feb. 3. The group previously released two EPs, which helped shaped their sound. The new album is an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone; the band has hinted …

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