Sasquatch: II

Originally delayed because of a mastering problem that led to the first run of the album being pressed at half-speed, Sasquatch’s sophomore effort is now available through Detroit’s stoner rock smugglers Small Stone Records. It would have been a damn tragedy if it came out and sucked after all that, …

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Rob Crow: Living Well

With a quirky consonance in the vein of Cake, the latest effort from Rob Crow (Pinback, Optaganally Yours, a hundred other bands you’ve never heard of) has the kind of unassuming charm you’d expect from a half-asleep guy drinking coffee in his front yard with an Aleister Crowley t-shirt on. …

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…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead: So Divided

Recall that special time when you were a kid at Christmas and you were waiting for that one, special, perfect toy. You waited with baited breath to tear into the package and play with it until the cows came home. Then Christmas morning comes and you ignore all of your …

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The Beatles: LOVE

One can neither damage nor assist The Beatles’ career—bigger than Jesus, you know. You can, however, fuck around with the band’s tunes and produce some alternately sublime and dismal results, as heard in this 26-song set of remixes and mash-ups released in conjunction with the recent opening of Cirque du

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The Atomic Bitchwax: Boxriff

Contributing to that ever-blurring line between what’s strictly audio and what’s strictly video comes NJ’s own fuzzmasters, The Atomic Bitchwax, with Boxriff, a single release that is at once an EP of new material, a live record, and a concert DVD. Not bad for two discs in one jewel …

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Botch: 061502

A long-awaited live release for fans of the west coast grindcore myth referred to as, simply, “Botch,” 061502 is, in fact, a DVD/CD set, which really gives it the title of “Combined Disc Of The Week.” Sort of like when you’re the Intercontinental Champion and the Tag Team Champion simultaneously.…

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Various Artists: Sucking The ’70s

Like the 2002 compilation which preceded it, this edition of Small Stone’s Sucking The ’70s puts some of stoner rock’s finest in their perfect element, covering classic ’70s hard rock tunes with a modern, smoky edge. Really, this one’s a no brainer, and the fact that it’s back for a …

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The Who: Endless Wire

Erase all preconceptions. The Who are back and on their first album in 24 years they have managed to shatter all expectations. Somehow Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey rekindled the magic of years past to create an album that can stand alongside Tommy and Who’s Next without looking inferior. It’s …

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Battle of Mice: A Day of Nights

It is both impossible and inappropriate to separate A Day Of Nights from the narrative out of which it was created. Not only is the fluctuating personal relationship of Red Sparowes’ Josh Graham and Made Out Of Babies’ Julie Christmas part and parcel to understanding the gripping and emotional content …

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Colour Haze: Tempel

Sometimes in life you have to dig to get what you want, and that’s the case with this German trio, who cater their sound to spacey jams and classic rock riffing. Only problem—and I mean, the only problem—here is that the label, Elektrohasch, doesn’t have US distribution. So you either …

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