Top Ten Albums Of 2010, According To Our Writers

This was the most picked record from our writers. Click through to see what else we liked.

Daniel Alleva

1. The Arcade Fire/The Suburbs/Merge

2. Interpol/Interpol/Matador

3. Deerhunter/Halcyon Digest/4AD

4. Deftones/Diamond Eyes/Reprise/Warner Bros.

5. The Futureheads/The Chaos/Nul Records

6. Vampire …

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Kings Of Leon @ Madison Square Garden

NEW YORK, NY—For the past two years, the Kings of Leon have been in the midst of what should be described as an evolutional stage. The first five years of their career were marked by the release of several remarkable albums that showcased their unique style—an irresistible tightrope walk between …

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Mark Olson: Many Colored Kite

You can tell that Mark Olson is on a roll from the opening notes of the first track on his latest release, Many Colored Kite. With this release, Mark Olson has seemingly made peace with some of his demons—all painstakingly expressed on his last release, The Salvation Blues, …

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