Thomas Earl Petty: 1950 – 2017

by James Campion

Comedian Marc Maron has a bit in his most recent Netflix special in which he struggles with bridging the gap between Trump voters and Trump haters which centers on the universal appeal of Tom Petty. “People who voted for Trump are just like you, man,” the character …

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Interview with Glenn Danzig: Brick By Brick

Invoking Glenn Danzig’s name sparks in the mind ideas about an eccentric man who has howled, moaned and wailed in his signature baritone for close to 35 years, about the scary monsters and devil wenches that wait for us all somewhere deep in the darkness. He’s rocked crowds and scared …

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Interview with Sons Of Jove: The Gang Of Five

Get all five members of the Brooklyn/Rockaway group Sons Of Jove together for an interview, and just be prepared to strap yourself in for the ride. Being fortunate enough to interview the quintet—all of whom are in their early 20s—one evening at my home in Park Slope, I received a …

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