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Interview with Tony Aguilar from Totimoshi: Vengeance For The Curs

Formed in Oakland in the late ‘90s and since relocated to Los Angeles, heavy rocking trio Totimoshi have been chipping away a niche for themselves all throughout their career. Their songs are among some of the most distinctive in all of the American underground, and founding guitarist/vocalist Tony Aguilar…

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Interview with Michael Gira from Swans: We Are Free

Joining the formidable lineup of the All Tomorrow’s Parties/Portishead-curated I’ll Be Your Mirror festival in Asbury Park is the reactivated and hugely-influential outfit Swans. Led by guitarist/vocalist Michael Gira, Swans was originally put to bed following 1996’s Soundtracks For The Blind as Gira went on to release seven studio…

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Interview with John Garcia from Kyuss Lives!: Leaving Town

Following a successful European stint with his Garcia Plays Kyuss outfit that found him bringing former drummer Brant Bjork and former bassist Nick Oliveri on stage at the Hellfest in Clisson, France, ex-Kyuss frontman John Garcia decided he wasn’t done. Not done with music, not done with Kyuss, not…

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Interview with Christian Carlsson from The Quill: The Circle Is Complete

As guitarist and founder of Swedish heavy rock outfit The Quill, Christian Carlsson, has completed the circle from which his band’s new album, Full Circle, is named. Having started the band over 20 years ago, with their first release coming in 1995, Carlsson saw The Quill fall from grace…

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Interview with Mario Trubiano from Borracho: Get It Right

The release of Splitting Sky, the debut from Washington D.C. four-piece Borracho, probably flew under your radar. Hell, it just about flew under mine, but fortunately through the diligence of the band acting on their own behalf, I got to hear the record and have come over the last…

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Interview with Mike Scheidt from YOB: The Union Of Selves

Theirs is among the most inimitable sounds in all of underground heavy music, and with the self-produced Atma, their second album for Profound Lore following 2009’s excellent The Great Cessation, Eugene, OR, trio YOB transcend the upper stratosphere of their generation of doom. Touching and expanding on elements familiar…

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The Heavy: Gillan/Iommi Collaboration, New Borgo Pass

If Ian Gillan And Tony Iommi Care, That’s Good Enough For Me

Whocares/Out Of My Mind/Holy Water/Armoury

One of the things I like best about Whocares is the fact that you can almost imagine the conversation where the formidable personnel involved were sitting around in the studio, deciding what…

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The Heavy: Once A Headbanger, Sometimes A Headbanger

I was flipping through some old Aquarian tearsheets not so long ago and I started reading old reviews I did some seven years ago, when I was just starting out with this paper. That shit was great! Sure, I had no idea what I was talking about most of…

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Interview with T-Roy Medlin from Sourvein: Bearing Black Fangs

Led by vocalist T-Roy Medlin for 18 years and counting, North Carolina’s Sourvein are among the most abrasive sludge outfits walking the Earth today. Constant touring and a line of EP and split releases has led to a growing influence on a new generation of upstarts in the capital-S…

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Interview with Stevie Floyd from Dark Castle: The Surrender Complete

The Floridian duo of guitarist/vocalist Stevie Floyd and drummer/noisemaker Rob Shaffer—collectively known as Dark Castle—recently issued their second full-length, Surrender To All Life Beyond Form, through Profound Lore. It’s an album whose expanse of influence is densely packed into a 34-minute runtime, turning such disparate elements as Indian ragas,…

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