The Contrarian: On Relativity

Everything looks different from different angles and in different types of light and with different degrees of sightedness. The significance, the weight, the effectiveness of things fluctuate with the weather, your skin color, where you went to college. To each his own, by all means. But by what means?

By …

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The Contrarian: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

As I get older and exponentially less cute, the gifts from the near-faceless sea of my mother’s friends at holidays and birthdays have gone from tangible objects, like clothes and girl shit, to a direct gesture at the potential of my owning said clothes and girl shit: Gift cards, gift …

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The Contrarian: “The Best Man”

The race for the presidency has been one of the dirtiest we’ve seen, and the battle against the incumbent, between the two power parties, has not even begun. Not above the obvious mudslinging and endorsement power plays, the underlying platform of each of the now more than distinguishable politicians on …

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The Contrarian: Hometown Blues

In my short run producing this column, I have written about New Jersey numerous times. One explanation is that there has been so much to write about. Anti-Bullying legislation without the money to make it work. Rife unemployment. Governor Chris Christie making a commencement speech to the turned backs of …

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The Contrarian: Stop “Stop KONY”

Those Sarah McLachlan ASPCA ads are supposed to make you feel like shit. And they certainly do, which is why most of us now have the near-reflexive reaction of switching the channel or station with a groan upon hearing the first measures of “Angel.” Same goes for those Save The …

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The Contrarian: I Had To Look It Up

Last week, I was driving on Route 27 into New Brunswick a hair after rush hour. Traffic lulled and I saw a group of people on the sidewalk ahead past the bridge. Something was going on. I realized as soon as I thought it that I was mostly concerned because …

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The Contrarian: Politics, Planned Parenthood, And The “Pink Ribbons”

When people say that something doesn’t have to do with politics, I want to laugh in their face.

The Planned Parenthood Federation Of America (PPFA) and the “Pink Ribbons” might be a mere week deep in the PR firestorm that resulted from the latter non-profit ostensibly washing their hands of …

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The Contrarian: Keep Jersey Strong, Not Just A WoW Slogan

The education budget in New Jersey is as austere as the sincerity of innovation the budget is treated with. If necessity is the mother of invention, the very real need to come up with an education system that run efficiently without a comfortable amount of monetary lubricant is being overlooked …

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The Contrarian: Math Rocks

In 2012, the American protesters’ rally cry might have a bit of a different ring than it did in its incendiary first year. “We are the 94%” is unlikely to be a PR firebrand, but for the sake of respecting the online research capabilities of our Zuccotti Park brethren, let’s …

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The Contrarian: Trump, Down In The Dumps

If Friday’s debate was to be the preliminary pre-gaming session for the political Banger-Rager of the year, it’s a good thing the party was cancelled.

Last week, Mr. Donald Trump opted out of his long-slated appointment as GOP moderator one dramatic day before what may very well now be the …

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