Various Artists: Global Underground: After Hours

This two disc set is a marathon of moodiness that will brig you home and slump you back into your seat in such a way that you may never want to leave your house again let alone go back out into the club. Now what you do in said chair is really up to you as there is certainly room here for the dude who wants to come home and come down, the couple who wants to get their vertical freak on, the person that can’t let go of the night’s hedonism and must keep smoking and/or drinking and of course my favorite, the depression bound idealist who went out looking for love and ended up with a fat ass cable bill (hello ppv porn).

Yes, these are the things that go on after hours and this record gives you the soundtrack to all of these choices and more. There are some name acts here such as Primal Scream, Tricky and UNKLE but for the most part the layman’s view of the world will not really register with most of the cats here.

This is good. This set was crafted so well that the mood is all that matters anyway and really this is a ride until the early morning that will wear you out, so the only advice at this point is to pray you make it through and try not to invest too much in what you do—after hours.