Artimus Pyledriver: Artimus Pyledriver

The balls-out, whiskey saturated southern style of Atlanta’s Artimus Pyledriver will no doubt be too abrasive for some, but if it were any other way, it wouldn’t work half as well as it does on their self-titled DRT debut. The faint of heart should have a wine cooler and check out something else. This here’s a shit-kicker.

Both the bastard sons and genetic mutations of AC/DC and Alabama Thunderpussy (and if you have all three, the “A” section of your CD collection would mean some serious business), Artimus Pyledriver are furious party metal. Fiercely dedicated to their southern roots, but adding an aggressive, modern edge, they’d probably beat me up just for over-thinking their record. And listening to these 10 tunes, I wouldn’t stand much of a chance in the fight.

Quick hitters like “Gone To The Mountain” and the sludgier grooves of “Get Some” make this one BBQ record of the year. Just make sure you don’t get too excited and punch the cook in the face. It could happen.

In A Word: Likely