Messer für Frau Müller: Triangle, Dot & Devil

An affair of overloaded minimalism, Triangle, Dot & Devil is an instrumental work from the duo of Oleg Kostrow and Oleg Gitarkin. Drum machines, synths, guitar and bass are employed for a slightly updated, jazzy dance sound reminiscent of antebellum hedonism and flappers.

It’s fairly quirky and, on a whole, the album plays like the soundtrack to an impossibly upbeat David Lynch film— comparisons to composer Angelo Badalamenti are not out-of-hand— as Messer für Frau Müller bring in Theremin-playing friends, dig up pulp radio/television samples and paint a consciously hip, hypermodern self-portrait.

If anything, that self-conscious aspect may be the rub of Triangle, Dot & Devil, as the album never feels like anything more than a one-off enjoyment, a collection of scherzos with nothing palpable, just friendly melodies and goofy movie quotes. However, for what it is, the album is an enjoyable, strange experience, certainly passable for the retro-hip electronic dance circuit. Or equally eccentric circuits.

In A Word: Wading