Dark Globe: Nostalgia For The Future

Dark Globe are a British electronica duo, featuring a rotating cast of singers spread throughout their curiously-titled debut, Nostalgia For The Future, most of which was culled from 12”, random EPs and mixes as early as 2003. With a predominant up-tempo downbeat-driven sound, it’s obvious Dark Globe are maintaining an ingratiating relationship with clubs, but certain IDM- related moments on the album—particularly on the instrumental tracks—point to some greater aspirations.

However, Nostalgia For The Future, ironically, offers nothing new. Dark Globe work in rather standard forms, with predictable, unenthusiastic transitions, run-of-the-mill timbres and mundane production. While trying to walk the fine line between being a dance record and being a headspace record, they’ve cornered themselves, putting out a ho-hum release.

And unfortunately, while their collaborators put on fine performances, it usually only serves to highlight the individual rather than the collective. Boy George (as high-profile as this record gets) does his best David Bowie impression on “Atoms,” and Silja performs some diva gymnastics with the dull “Futures Coming,” which should probably be titled “Future’s Coming.” Or “1992’s Coming.” Bleh.

In A Word: Dated