Rob Crow: Living Well

With a quirky consonance in the vein of Cake, the latest effort from Rob Crow (Pinback, Optaganally Yours, a hundred other bands you’ve never heard of) has the kind of unassuming charm you’d expect from a half-asleep guy drinking coffee in his front yard with an Aleister Crowley t-shirt on. Yup, he’s Living Well.

From the opening track “Bam Bam,” the 14-track release has an infectious sense of rhythm and timbre that keeps you humming the riff or vocal melody for hours after. As cheeky as that sounds, listen to the single “I Hate You, Rob Crow.” You’ll be on the same page in about 20 minutes.

It’s not all upbeat, as tracks like “Burns” break out some slow fuzz for fuzzness sake, but overall, Living Well’s catchy indie tunes are short, pleasant bedroom recordings reminiscent of the innocent days of post-grunge radio.

In A Word: Breadsticks