Iggy And The Stooges @ United Palace Theatre

Iggy Pop (Daniel Elliott)NEW YORK, NY—The reunited Stooges performed for a sold out crowd at the United Palace Theatre on April 9. The band, who was supported by Sistas In The Pit, a West Coast punk band hand picked by Iggy Pop himself, brought all of the excitement and insanity that fans of The Stooges remember from the band’s legendary performances in the ’70s.

Performing a blend of classics and new material from the recently released The Weirdness, The Stooges brought more excitement to the stage than bands half their age could ever hope to.

Three songs into their set, at the height of “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” Iggy took a frog splash leap into the adoring crowd in the first few rows.

The front man was returned to the stage in one piece by the faithful aging punks in attendance, only to risk being ripped apart by the eager concertgoers when he invited the crowd on stage.

Swarmed by their fans on stage, the band began to explore the deepest reaches of its catalog while the stage dancing participants got whipped into a furry brought on by the music.

After a blistering and animated 75 minute set which included ‘’Fun House,” “My Idea Of Fun” and “Trollin,” The Stooges performed a second encore of “1969” and “I’m Fried” before leaving the stage for good. The voracious roars from the audience for the band to return to the stage yet again were only silenced by the house lights coming up and roadies removing the band’s gear from the stage.

Photo Credit: Daniel Elliott