All Teeth And Knuckles: Club Hits To Hit The Clubs With

White folks have their own hip hop now. Forget the days of silly white boys copying their more talented brothers. California twosome Teeth And Knuckles are bringing a spanking fresh vibe to the genre in the form of electro-pop on their debut Club Hits To Hit The Clubs With.

In true hipster fashion, the album resonates with ’80s inspired synthesizers fused with the modern, disrespectful jabs of contemporary rap. The brainchild of All Teeth And Knuckles, “Sick Face” Fallon, gives it you straight as the smartass shits on everyone from rich and proper prep boys on “Fuck Your Jacket” to pretending to snort cocaine with a burnout friend on “Drug Politics (Interlude).” All the while, you are wishing you are along for the all night party ride with him, clothes optional. The hangover may prevent you from remembering what you did last night, but All Teeth And Knuckles are inside your head, reminding you with every obnoxious infectious track they spin.

In A Word: Spastic