Darkthrone: F.O.A.D.

If you had to pick a black metal band to party with, you’d be foolish to choose anyone but Darkthrone. Just going through F.O.A.D., with cuts like the “Canadian Metal,” (awesome) “Raised On Rock” (awesome) and “The Church Of Real Metal” (awesome), just screams charm. And the songs are gritty, grindy, rocking examples of how to properly approach black metal/ punk.

Sure, the duo of Fenriz and Nocturno Culto isn’t exactly balanced, though that’s what they try to be by alternating songwriting duties. Fenriz’s material is unquestionably the stronger, but it’s a hard point to argue when you’re having such a good time. Especially if you’re hangin’ with two of them. It’s feel-good black metal. Really, that exists.

Usually at their best when they’re being particularly Man-O-War-like with tongue-in-cheek songs about being metal and the like (see above), there’s plenty to love about the title track and “Pervertor Of The 7 Gates” here too. Don’t think, just listen.

In A Word: Peerless