Bloodsimple: Red Harvest

As of late it seems like bands are constantly changing their sound from one CD to the next. That’s not the case for Bloodsimple. Their new album Red Harvest is a great continuation to A Cruel World.

Although some songs mirror their old stuff, the short solos, change of pace and the changing vocals remind you it’s definitely new. The record starts off with a poetic Tim Williams methodically speaking his way through the start in “Ride With Me”. He then goes into that recognizable scream, calming down and singing, then going back to talking his way through. “Red Harvest” starts with a live intro that gives it a true feel. “Dead Man Walking” is by far the catchiest song with a repetitive chorus much like “Blood In Blood Out” from their debut album.

Some songs sound more mainstream than songs from their debut album and even their demos. Still, the album does keep your attention. It’s hard to find a boring song. “Dark Helmet” shows the band’s thrash side, and “Killing Time” has metal core roots. They fittingly close out the CD with “Numina Infuscata,” which starts off with the usual scream, a couple sick transitions, a repetitive chorus that has always drawn in followers and the simple yet awesome guitar riffs.

In A Word: True