Inhuman: Last Rites

If you need any proof that Inhuman are the leading men of the new Brooklyn hardcore scene, just google “Brooklyn hardcore.” They’re the third listing, and the first band to appear. Just saying, these are internet times.

But don’t let page rankings convince you entirely. There’s a reason for this, and it’s mostly because Inhuman are about as true to the original ethic as any of its originators. Cuts like the scene-examining “Fashist” or the only-slightly tongue-in-cheek “Bitter & Jaded” are familiar without biting, and they stand tall with landmark cuts from Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All and others.

Last Rites experiments with their sound more than any of their previous releases, particularly in the double bass heavy title track and closer “The Lost.” Singer Mike Scondotto makes greater use of a speak-sing style than ever before, which is occasionally disappointing as it’s not Danzigian, but it creates a strong dynamic on tracks like “Heretic.”

By far, though, the most fun on Last Rites is in the guts, smack in the middle of the record, when the old school uptempo hardcore of their roots is laid plain. An excellent swath of material for the hardcore punk fan of yore.

In A Marketing Term: Finely Aged