Taint: Secrets And Lies

When you load in a CD and see track titles such as “Corpse Of Love” and “Barnstorm Zombie Revival,” it’s hard not smile at the B- horror-movie-esque cheesy brutality. Unfortunately, these tracks themselves are much less interesting than their titles, with simple and repetitive guitar work, negligible bass contribution and uninspiring drumming that lacks the muscle of hardcore metal.

Vocally, Secrets And Lies is hit-or-miss. Singing, or rather, yelling, ranges from emphatic and powerful to anemic and ineffective, an inconsistency that robs the album of much of its power.

That’s not to say, however, that Taint’s Secrets And Lies is a complete wash. “Born Again Nihilist,” for instance, includes some impressive guitar riffs and bass lines, and the two complement one another exceptionally well. “What The Crow Saw” seems a bit out of place on the album; it’s a much more melodic track, and thanks largely to the presence of a flute, it has a medieval feel to it.

On an otherwise high-adrenaline album, the better part of “Goddamn This City” is surprisingly mellow. The track picks up considerable momentum just past halfway through, and it carries on to be the strongest track on the album.

At the end of the day, Secrets And Lies takes a while to get off the ground, but isn’t half bad if you stick around long enough for it to get going. For fans of hardcore, it’s likely worth a listen.

In A Word: Gritty