Keith Caputo: A Fondness For Hometown Scars

Although this vocalist made his mark as a hardcore king in New York’s beloved Life Of Agony, it’s no secret that his pipes have grew wings and flew from the streets straight up into the azure and plentiful horizon that most fast-paced New Yorkers rarely remember to look for. Yes, Keith Caputo’s fourth solo outing, A Fondness For Hometown Scars, has the singer gracefully shedding light on a familiar kind of pain as well as being a complete disconnect from anything even mildly superficial. It’s rich with abstract singer- songwriter license of purest anguish as the name might suggest, but tracks like “Troubles Down” rocks with a taut rhythm that surely has Scott Weiland kicking himself for not having penned it himself first. “Devils Pride” rattles and slithers with the conviction of a vindictive cobra on a bad day, and conversely, “Nothing To Lose” houses incredibly dramatic and sentimental lyrics like, “I have always been confused between the distance from me to you.” In its ambitious scope, A Fondness For Hometown Scars is awash with sophisticated melodies but doesn’t lose its playful pulse and humble breath.

The artwork on the cover points to Picasso’s lack of restraint for the norm and preference for the naked form, and that is clearly what you get inside…an unbound artist who isn’t afraid of a little bloodletting.

In A Word: Anguish