The Fave: Tomorrow’s June

Since the 1980s Hoboken has been well known as the home for alternative bands like The Feelies, The Bongos, The Cucumbers, and Yo La Tengo. What the Mile Square City isn’t known for is straight-up rock and roll bands. The Fave is about to change all that.

I always appreciate it when a young band is aware of the roots of the music they play. Really good bands like The Fave can assimilate these influences without sounding retro or imitative. When I first heard the band, my immediate reaction was that they had listened to a lot of Jefferson Airplane. That was based not only on the songs, but the dual female/male vocals that the Airplane deployed so successfully. But listen closely and you’ll also hear strains of The Who, U2, Traffic, and other notables.

Led by the brother and sister team of guitarist Dom “Kingdom” Della Fave, and vocalist Jaime Rose, the band shines on the Bangles-inspired opener “Ewake,” the rave-up “Let It Out,” and the inventive, harmony-laden psych-pop of “Thrown Away.” Don’t miss the hidden 13th track, which may be titled “Coming Down.” It’s worth hanging on for.

I don’t know which came first, the album title, or the release date, but since The Fave will be holding their CD release party at Maxwell’s on May 31, the title is perfectly appropriate. You can buy their CD at the party, or on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, and most of the other online resources.

In A Word: Sizzling