North Jersey Notes: The Noise Addiction

The Noise AddictionLast weekend, my band Hostel Inc. got to play with a heavyweight and a national heavyweight. We got to open for Dokken at Dexter’s in Riverdale, NJ, but sandwiched between us and Dokken was a band called TNA, a.k.a. The Noise Addiction. Some of you that are my age might remember that name, and some of you might say, “Who?” I remember seeing TNA play places like the old Studio One in Newark, NJ, or the World Stage in Spring Valley, NY, when they used to open for national acts all the time. Well, on this night they were back and rocking again with a slew of new songs like “Do You Remember?” and “Walk, Before You Crawl.” They even sprinkled in some old TNA classics!

The New York-based band TNA, or The Noise Addiction, was formed in early 1987 by drummer Danny Tore, guitarist Sean Tarr, singer Mike McManamon, Phil Pacheco, and Marty Fisher began playing and recording like a band on a mission in the NYC area. Within a year, TNA built up a large fanbase and recorded numerous demos. In the years that would follow, TNA would continue gigging out opening for national acts like Skid Row, Winger, Warrant, Kings X, LA Guns, Badlands, and Kix. TNA’s early success would continue with two number one singles on WSOU. The only sour note for the band was the departure of Marty Fisher in 1989, which forced the band to develop a four-piece.

After a nine-year hiatus from the music scene, TNA remained a memory until early 2000 when guitarist Sean Tarr and drummer Danny Tore decided to digitize their catalong, and while listening, they re-discovered the sound that made them rock n’ roll big wigs on the NYC music scene back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. They felt that it was time to re-assemble the TNA machine.

The new TNA would feature original vocalist Mike McManamon, guitarist Sean Tarr and drummer Danny Tore, and though bassist Phil Pacheco would not return. The bass duties were handed over to Doug Odell. The band is back in full effect, and they feel that the best is yet to come. For more info on TNA, log onto


After 10 long years of hitting the road, playing dive bars around the country, and having their CD finally put on the shelves by Starbucks Music, the band Antigone Rising has finally called it a day. The band has broken up, but Cassidy of Antigone Rising is still performing and she’ll be bringing The Cassidy Project to Mexicali Blues in Teaneck, NJ, on Aug. 23. Joining Cassidy on stage will be members from Matchbox 20, Alicia Keys’ band, and Chris Whitley, where they will perform some new songs, some Antigone Rising classics, and a slew of cover songs. To find out more info on this event, log onto

I recently got an email from Steve Bello saying that he’s going back into the studio to record CD number five! What the hell? Didn’t he just release his latest CD, About To Explode? Apparently, the local metal guitar virtuoso is on fire with his songwriting. I can’t wait to hear it! Check out Steve Bello at

And finally, I told you last week that Split Vision parted ways with their singer Christian. Well, now it turns out that the boys have reunited with former Split Vision singer Dave Marruzza for two shows down in Virginia on Sept. 5 and 6. Split Vision will be looking for a permanent full-time singer upon their return from the south! If you’re interested, contact Split Vision via their MySpace page,

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