North Jersey Notes: Infernophonic

InfernophonicI was down at my rehearsal studio, Factory Studios 2, in Clifton, NJ, the other night and I heard a band that I haven’t heard before, but their music made sense and their singer had a set of pipes on her. She was almost Joplin-like. The name of the band is Infernophonic, and as it turns out, the singer is none other than Elaine Tuttle, formerly of the band Tang, and the bass player is the legendary Kevin Bolembach of Non- Fiction. I had to hear what they sounded like on tape, so I went to their MySpace page,, to hear more and fell in love with them right away because the first song that I got to hear is a song called “Eye Of The Jedi.” How can you not love a band who references Star Wars in their songs? The rest of the tracks on their MySpace page are just teasers from their 2007 CD, Spark It Up. The songs are just hard rock songs that just dig right into you and walk away with their noses in the air.

Forming in 2006, Infernophonic is the brainchild of Kevin Bolembach, like I said earlier, former bass player of the band Non-Fiction. Kevin was seeking an outlet for his ‘70s style of rock that he was writing. He scoured the tri-state area for the right musicians and stumbled upon guitarist Pat Piegari, formerly of NYC’s Lourds, and drummer Ross Kantor. The last piece of the puzzle was singer Elaine Tuttle, who brings with her an impressive singular voice with an unlimited vocal ability, which brings to mind legends like Aretha Franklin and Janice Joplin. After a string of live shows, Infernophonic caught the ear of drummer Alan Evans, who offered to produce the band’s debut CD, Spark It Up, which was recorded in Woodstock, NY.

Infernophonic’s music is best described as heavy without the metal. Check them out live if you can! They’re nothing but a blast of energy with a powerful female vocal! Find out where they’re playing next at


The boys from Echofission are performing at a pretty cool festival coming up on Sunday, Sept. 7. They’ll be playing at a three-day festival in Augusta, NJ, called Evolve 2012 Music And Art Festival. The festival is focused on improving ourselves and our communities. In other words, a hippie fest! There will be 70 bands, three days, and two camping nights to experience from Sept. 5 to Sept. 7. Echofission will perform on the last day at 3 p.m. For more details, log onto or

Looks like my brothers from Bled For Glory are back in the game! After a long and tedious search they’ve finally landed a new guitarist! His name is Ilya, and the band feels that he brings some great influences into the band, a wealth of creativity, and some pretty good chops! The boys are excited to be working with Ilya and cannot wait to hit that stage again to show off their latest asset! Find out where Bled For Glory is playing next by logging onto

And finally, I got an email from Mike of Sleeping Revolt letting me know about this End Of The World Party at Dexter’s in Riverdale, NJ, on Sept. 26, which he and fellow Sleeping Revolt bandmate, Chris Ricci, thought up. Well, after reading the email and press release about this party, it kind of reminds me of something, but I’ll explain in a second. The party is set to be a large scale event with some great bands from New Jersey along with some comedians, celebrity guest hosts, alcohol sponsors, radio station sponsorships, and the Tattoo Factory. Hmmm, I think it’s great what the boys from Sleeping Revolt are trying to do, but it’s been done a few times by me and my bud Steve Ladd when we had Smoke Star. Many of you might rememberThe Speed Cult Sideshow, which had the exact same elements. Don’t get me wrong! Those shows were a huge success when we had them down at the Axis Lounge in Carlstadt, NJ, and it should do well at Dexter’s. I just find it funny when our ideas get taken, though, these guys didn’t the idea from us—I guess great minds just think alike!

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Just remember… We’re all in the same boat, so every little bit of exposure counts!