Trouble Andrew: Trouble Andrew

Trouble Andrew is better known to the wider world as Trevor Andrew, a professional snowboarder. Historically, he seems to be trying to buck the trend of dismal efforts from athletes who try to crossover into the music world (see albums from Shaquille O’Neal and Steven Seagal as a reference). Like his colleagues, however, Andrew’s strengths lie in his main gig.

Remixed and remastered from its self-release in 2007 with the addition of a new track, “What’s So Strange About Me,” the self-titled debut touts itself as being an amalgam of many influences across rock, hip-hop, punk, etc. labeled as “crunkrock pop,” which, interestingly, sounds exactly like new wave. Moreover, bland cuts like “Bang Bang” come off as childish, as in “want to see my gun go bang bang?” No, that’s okay Trevor. Then there’s the glorification of pimp culture (from a snowboarder?) on “Pimp Millenium,” but the derision of materialism in “Chase Money.” Huh?

Only when Andrew brings the ego and the tempo down on “Trouble” and “Uh Oh” does the Joy Division-esque simplicity of Trouble Andrew start to become slightly charming. As it’s been done 20 years prior, however, there’s little incentive to continue a new wave collection here.

In A Word: Forgettable