The Paper Jets: Origami Rock

Much like real jet planes, The Paper Jets soar through the air, creating a loud, booming noise in the process. Their music, however, is much less airborne, hopping easily from airy acoustic pop to driving rock. An ensemble of four strapping young lads from Jersey, The Paper Jets are preparing for the release of an album with a string of shows, including one at the Axis Lounge on March 6.

It’s surprising, given the obvious influences of Phil Spector-era girl-group pop onto The Paper Jets’ music, that the band is from New Jersey, home of screaming punk designed to liquefy one’s internal organs. This identity crisis, however, doesn’t seem to irritate the band’s members in the slightest way. The jangly guitars and bright melodies of California pop are given a bit of an edge thanks to a bit of distortion and the wavering tenor of guitarist/vocalist Brian Erickson. The band’s emphasis on songwriting and intricately detailed lyrics is a satisfying homage to folk music, and the band’s acoustic shows demonstrate their ability to deliver fun poplets in any format. The band’s first full-length record, Pictures Like This One, is bearing release on Lunch Box Records. Erickson is also a solo musician, and has performed material of his own with the Paper Jets in concerts.

The Axis Lounge is located at 316 19 St. in Carlstadt, NJ. Tickets are $10. Doors open at 8 p.m., and admission is for those 18 and over only. For more information, visit