Shoreworld: Frankenstein 3000, Jody Joseph and Bob Burger

Frankenstein 3000-Where Do We Go From Here? Main Man Records

Cut from the same stone as The Dead Boys, Ramones, KISS and early Aerosmith, FS3K is back and armed with yet another 12-song platter aimed at the down and dirty side of your mind and pushing dynamite fueled fields of raw edged rock and punk not heard much around here anymore. But before you withdraw into melancholia (don’t be sad) let me explain why their continued presence is a good thing.

Frankenstein 3000 is one of those traditionalists that keep the faith in a time when many bands have forsaken their rock roots in favor of fashionable pop acceptance. Goofy Sinatra hats, skinny jeans and music that says, “Look at me, I’m tragically more sensitive than you.” But Frankenstein 3000 hits you in the chops hard and fast with the strip steak of rock and roll reality, defending a musical form that will always endure, creeping up behind you and slappin’ double heaped portions of bass, drums and Les Paul Specials right onto your veggie platter.

Where Do We Go from Here? is their refreshing dive into late-’70s punk and rock including a couple of well thought out covers like their sparse Elvis Costello rendition of 1979’s “Green Shirt” done solo electric by Roth and showing his ability to be both dynamic and varied in his vocal approach. The Brian Johnstown Massacre cut, “Wasting Away,” is an in-your-face presentation that reminds us, “Kids today they got nothing to say, they got nothing to say because we taught ’em that way.” Yes, and they stole my god damned Sinatra hat idea, too.

The feel of “Border” kicks mule hard as Roth’s raspy vocal pours over the listener like a truckload of gravel and Gascoyne and crew ride the bejesus out of the rhythms. “Panic In Needle Park” would do well as the next James Bond theme, with its dark and ominous feel. Interesting in its subject matter, the dirty city streets and wandering inhabitants come ever close as you listen to the lyrics of druggie desperation with “My insides are freezing.” Lead tones are reminiscent of early Ace Frehley or Nugent’s Amboy Dukes days.

“Wildebeest” is a dirtied-up rocker ala The Seeds, featuring the rawest guitars in the world that slam into the bass and drums with freight train force and ricochet right into song number 10, “Beyond The Valley,” a tune that somersaults out of the gate throwing kill-or-be-killed guitar stars as Roth’s vocals once again break the rasp barrier.

The 12-song disc was done entirely in the band’s various home studios this time around and while I usually can hear when too many cooks are in the kitchen; the end result here is warm, uniform and gritty as hell. Where Do We Go From Here? is a cool new chapter in the bands burgeoning catalog of rock and roll chaos.

Frankenstein 3000 will be on the road this summer, playing at the Rock Gone Wild festival at the Freedom Park festival grounds in Algona, Iowa, on Aug.22, along with Junkyard, Skid Row, Dangerous Toys, Kix and Great White. Pick up Where Do We Go from Here? over at

Jody Joseph-LIVE! AT The Paramount Theater-May 30

From the beginning strains of the Joplin Medley to the curtain rising and breakout of the stage dancers, Jody Joseph proved herself to be more than just another Jersey band. I mean lets face it, anyone can dump a bunch of cover tunes into a set and get through a night in most cases. But Joseph has figured out a bonafide live nostalgia show.

Her performance was period correct as she went through a myriad of well-researched Joplin tunes (and costume changes) and then after a break, remerged under the spell of Stevie Nicks and her catalog of hits, donning feathered wardrobe before ending the night, as well, as Jody Joseph. Props and visuals adorned the big stage and Josephs used them to her advantage, couches, scarves, hats, dancers, all sitting cross-legged and grooving like stoned out “Aquarius” hippies, which is probably how it was back then (I’m too young to know).

A truly well thought out concept that attracted the curious as well as the many locals and Jody fans. Filling a theater is a big feather in the cap for any artist let alone a local, but she did it and the audience loved her. The band was top notch and Jody was especially entertaining as “Pearl” sporting rose colored glasses and crazy, streaked out hair. She could easily take this act on the road (and should) playing a myriad of casinos, off Broadway stages and theaters.

While I’m not sure what her plans are for the future, I do know that she’s hit gold with this sure fired moneymaker. The theater and promoters (Live Nation) lights, sound (Jason Dermer) and continuity were icing on a complimentary cake. This show is proof that Asbury is considering local artists for what they can bring to the table. For further info on Jody Joseph go to

Bob Burger-Tribute To Fleetwood Mac- McLoones Supper Club-Friday June 26

I’m not quite sure what started the tribute craze around Fleetwood Mac but it seems to be working and this Friday sees Jersey’s own Bob Burger taking a wack at his version of the vision. An encore performance of his first production, Bob and company will perform a tribute called, “Fleetwood, Second Hand News,” at McLoone’s Super Club in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The upcoming performance at Tim McLoone’s follows his sold-out debut tribute done back in January 2009 at the former Boardwalk Hojos’ location that attracted a standing-room-only crowd. Second Hand News will again feature Jimmy Leahey (John Waite), solo artist Lisa Bouchelle, BethAnne Clayton (Tim McLoone & The Shirley’s), Jon Rogers (Blue Oyster Cult) and Phil Florio (Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes). For more detailed info head over to