You’re all over the place—behind the camera, in front of the camera, in Ukraine –

Yeah, shooting illegal people in Ukraine. Any age is legal there, which sort of just sent me back to my room drinking vodka, which is really good for the production.

Is it a funny show?

Yeah. It’s funny, but it’s human too. I’m looking forward to promoting it.

I was originally thinking the whole Michael Palin goes to the Himalayas.

We watched all that. I worship Michael Palin in fact, I’m like obsessed. I saw Spamalot two weeks ago, Eric Idle premiered it here in L.A. I’m obsessed with those guys, heavily. That show is amazing. That’s more Zen-like. And we’re not Travelogue. Actually, what I think Michael J Fox did on his search is probably more like the Michael Palin thing with the added beauty of how amazing Michael J Fox is. But he went on his search to go find the people who are happy all the time. Did you see him on Letterman, Michael J Fox?


There’s a YouTube of the thing, it was about a month ago. You gotta look at it. He did about three segments and it was one of the most eloquent and wonderful things I’ve ever seen on television. That’s one of the best interviews I’ve ever seen on television. Just the grace in which he works through his affliction and how he doesn’t view it as one.

Do you remember when Rush Limbaugh was attacking him?

Yeah, it’s good stuff! (laughs)

Fucking asshole.

I know, but what are you going to do? I hope [Limbaugh] comes to my show… that would be so cool. He lives in New York, I think, right?

Is your desk like a clusterfuck? How the fuck do you keep all this shit in line? I can barely run a paper.

I’m a little ADD/OCD or whatever. But I try to focus. I work a lot, and I like it. I was talking with my daughters last night at dinner, and I told them I had to go work on this article I’m writing for Playboy, and I just finished this script I submitted and they just said, ‘It’s so good Dad, when you’re working.’ And I’m creative. I really am sad when I’m not creative. And guess I would like a relationship, I haven’t had one in about 10 months, that might be fun. But my relationship with work—I went to a party at John Stamos’ and we all sang with his band and I ran off and did a spot at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood because I had written this new song I wanted to try out. I just love doing new matieral that does well and makes people laugh. It’s my meth.

Bob Saget performs at the Borgata in Atlantic City on Aug. 14 and the Capital One Bank Theatre in Westbury, , on Aug. 15. for details.

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