Bob Saget: Where To Begin?

The career of Bob Saget—a man who may forever be best known, depending on the age bracket, as the cleancut host of America’s Funniest Home Videos or the overprotective but quirky single dad Danny Tanner in Full House—has become seemingly more erratic since his G-rated television work. Right after he finished work on America’s Funniest, when he played a cokehead in Half-Baked and directed the cult buddy movie Dirty Work, it started to appear to the public at large that Saget had a flair for more than providing context for funny pet videos. Matter of fact, he can be downright raunchy.

Of course, his stand-up career had always been so, and now, after appearances in Entourage, The Aristocrats, Dumb And Dumberer, and helming the parody film Farce Of The Penguins, Saget’s persona as a “blue” comic is fairly well-cemented for those paying attention. Now doing a small string of comedy dates while waiting for word on his ambitious subculture travel pilot, Saget talked with The Aquarian about, well, everything. To say we went on tangents would be a cosmic understatement. Read on.

You’re shooting a pilot?

For A&E, yeah. I went to Ukraine and I helped guys get mail-order brides. It’s like a comedy documentary. It was about a hundred hours of shooting, so it was pretty intense. It’s a study of subcultures, so if we get the go ahead, I don’t want to be canceling a ton of dates, but we’ve got some in the wings in October, November, and December. Some theatres and House Of Blues kind of rooms, a little bit of my rock-‘n-roll wannabe stuff. Pretending that my music actually sounds okay, even though I don’t go above the fourth fret. (laughs)

Wait, do you have a CD out?

No. Actually, that’s funny—I’ve been writing comedy music for a long time, and I’ve got some more of it that I’ve been working on doing at my shows that I’ll be doing at the Borgata and Westbury. Even on my last HBO special, I did about 20 minutes of music. I haven’t put a CD out yet, but we’ve been talking about it. We might be rolling tape at the Borgata. One of my songs people love to sing along is ‘My Dog Licked My Balls.’

I think I’ve heard that song.

It’s a lovely little thing. It’s a country song, so it’s about loss and things that happen late at night when there’s alcohol and your dog doesn’t have long to live. I used to have a dog, and he didn’t do what that song says he did, but he was moping around, so that song came out of just me and him, looking at each other. I took pen to paper with him in the room and I think that alone is a violation.

I’ve heard peanut butter will do the trick.

A lot of people have been saying that to me for some reason. At least half a dozen people have told me that will draw a dog to you. It’s an urban legend. More like a suburban legend. I don’t think you’d do that out in the hood; it’s something you’d do in the neighborhood. It seems like a lot of work to go through, to get a dog to do something like that.

I’m on Fallon on Friday, and I had a story about a week ago, and I thought, ‘Next time I go on a TV show, I’ll tell this story.’ And I watched Dylan McDermott do it on Fallon Monday—which wasn’t the same story but it was the same beats—and it was I had raccoons and you can use peanut butter. The thing will eat anything, you can put catfood, tuna fish, peanut butter. Peanut butter has been thrown into almost every conversation I’ve had for the past couple of weeks. But I’m just upset that Dylan McDermott took my story.