Chris Ayer @ The Canal Room

NEW YORK, NY—Up-and-coming indie rocker Chris Ayer certainly was excited to have his album release party at the Canal Room in NYC on July 21. If nothing else, he made sure to convey that excitement into his bubbly performance.

The Canal Room is a cozy little bar on West Broadway and serves as the perfect place for locals to showcase their talent. While the opening acts didn’t really hold the attention of the crowd, seeing as they were more interested in knocking back drinks, Ayer was able to engage the whole room while he played songs from his newest effort, Don’t Go Back to Sleep, out now through iTunes and CDBaby.

While the majority of the audience showed a general appreciation for all the songs Ayer played, he got the warmest response when he did an acoustic cover of Outkast’s “Hey Ya.” Personally, I found it ironic that his attempt to “prove [he has] a sense of humor” was just him taking an upbeat party song and making it kind of drawn out and boring. “A” for effort though.

At the end of the night, Ayer was successful in proving he is talented and very dedicated to his work. Although he may not have been as successful when it came to convincing audience members to buy his album, he was definitely grateful just to be there and have people listen to his music. Ayer may be just another guy with an acoustic guitar but what he lacks in originality, he made up for with a seemingly natural love for performing.