The 69 Eyes: Back In Blood

Finland’s rock culture must have an amazing sense of humor. After already spawning the shameless monster rock band Lordi (also on The End), the 69 Eyes are starting to make themselves known on this side of the pond for similar worship of “straight-up guitar-driven rock.”

I suppose the obvious AC/DC comparisons are easy, but there’s also a strong Danzig influence running through this near-equally horror-influenced five-piece. Instead of the straightforward masks, however, they’re taking the David Bowie a la Lost Highway vocals to go along with the (hopefully intentional) hilarious goth-style love songs (“Kiss Me Undead”).

For all the Black In Black posturing, Back In Blood is actually much more of a slinking goth record, one that Danzig wouldn’t be ashamed to put out these days. But in the hands of the curious Finns, it’s just a little cheesier than what might be palatable. Your mileage may vary.

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