Non-Fiction @ Dingbatz

CLIFTON, NJ—I try to come back to Jersey for special occassions so when I was told a few months ago that Non-Fiction was doing a get together I knew I was coming home for it. So, I bused my way in from Pennsyltucky with a bag of camera stuff and made my way over to Van Houten Ave’s Dingbatz for the first time. Nice room I might add, and the owner Freddie really takes good care of his bands. Crewman #6 started the night off in a rock slide of cool riffs. I can now say I know two guitarists that play an old Dean guitar, as does Matt surprisingly enough, even though Lorenzo of Non-Fiction leaned on a pretty Les Paul all night this time. The bass player, Paul, rolls out some serious low end to go with Mark’s solid beats. Singer Ross is a more than fine man on the mic up front, as well as a great conversation backstage I must say—an entertaing bunch of guys all around. I just got their CD so I haven’t dove into it at the time of this article, but plan on spending some time with it soon enough. Check ‘em out at when ya get a chance.

As for Non-Fiction, some say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I don’t think that’s fair to say here. I’ve known all these guys a long time and they fucking brought the house down, to say the least. It was as if 10 years of distance between them was wiped away like a worm hole in space, like it never happened, from opening with my favorite, “Preface/In The Know” to the last song, “The My Way.” They even threw in a few Sabbath tunes for good measure, be still my heart. Kevin ripped on bass, Dan’s riffs were as thick as a side of beef, and Mike still hits like a monster. But one thing I have to make note of, I’ve worked for and known Alan since high school, and he let out a note, at the end of the set no less, that I swear came right out of 1987. Unfuckingbelievable note, I even asked him where the hell that came from as he walked backstage after the set. And he just smiled—bastard!

Great night all around, saw some great faces, even Bobby Blitz showed up from Overkill and Dan and Mike’s side project band, The Cursed, to say hello. If you missed it, you missed it! Even Tommy Coombs, the original Hades drummer came out, along with a few Muckys and Dog Eat Dogs as Johnny and Danny were there, as well as Sean Kilkenny. Speaking of, I recommend you do not miss the Mucky Pup/Dog Eat Dog show on Dec. 11 at Mexicali in Teaneck. But the real treat will be the Hades show at Dingbatz in April.

Scott LePage and Tommy Coombs will be in for this one and I ain’t missing it! Lots of pics up at and