Lexappeall: Ace Enders, Glassjaw, Farewell to Red Light Green Light & Happy New Year

Pulse? Check. Good hair day? Check. I must be alive folks! Welcome to the new year! It’s been a minute since my last update—don’t worry, I’ve missed you too. Time for a fast recap of the holiday season Lexappeall style, then onto revealing my plans for this year.

At the NeverShoutNever/Ace Enders show, I decided it would be an awesome idea to face a bottle of wine and I managed to carry a slurred convo with the beautiful Ace. Poor Christofer had a typical night attacked by obsessed small children. Kind of scary to be honest… Besides that, all Christmas season, I openly admit to rocking a bright red onesie, I got an awesome new laptop and BlackBerry, and I spent Christmas day at a children’s hospital. Yes, I have a heart.

The team worked the Danzig show down at Starland, as well as the Thursday/GlassJaw show. GJ was mind blowing, and I left my brother stranded in Sayreville that night because he sucks. I don’t care if you think that’s mean. Fuck it. I escaped for awhile and went on a mini-road trip into PA for a few days. There’s nothing like Retro-TV power hour (if you’re over the age of 18) and countless beer cans. This year has already blessed me with countless safety meetings and the experience of Red Light Green Light’s last show. Old faces came out to close the chapter of a local music era.

Year 2010, you look so promising. I confess to being thoroughly excited for this new chapter of my life to begin. New standards, some new friends, new horizons I’ve never reached for.

The Break Contest is starting this weekend, good luck to all the bands! I’ll be bouncing between the Stone Pony and the Velocity 17 venue all contest, so if you see me, say Hi! Continue submitting to the Bands On the Verge contest too! Submissions are rolling in and sounding great! Check out more details.

I’m laying low for another week but I’ll be back at shows soon enough.

See you out there.