Lexappeall: Bamboozle Staff Race Cars, Motion City Soundtrack & The Weekend To Come

The best part about the Break Contest this year is the Bamboozle staff race car sesh. Guess who had the second fastest lap time? Yep, me. Go team Lexappeal! Besides whooping ass in karts, the Break Contest at Velocity 17 has been great. I hope to see all you kids out there throughout the weeks.

This week we set up base at the Motion City Soundtrack in-store signing/performance down at Vintage Vinyl. V-dub states it went well, with huge turn out of kids of all ages. Make sure you check them out at Bamboozle this year.

It’s time to kick things in full gear. Tomorrow, I’ll be at the School of Rock for The Friday Night Boys and Saturday for The Number Twelve Looks Like You’s last show. That should be a packed show, full of old faces. Then of course, Sunday, I’ll be at Velocity 17 for the Break.

We have big things brewing for our Bands On the Verge series. If you haven’t submitted yet, I really hope you do!

See you around!