Local Noise: Red Sea Affair

“Probably one of the best things we do is that we make a rule to be open to critique each other’s playing, but we have to suggest another idea in replace of the original,” explains Tim Whitaker, drummer of the band Red Sea Affair, about the complex progressive rock sound the group has developed. “This method works great because if I come up with a beat and Joe doesn’t like it, then he helps me write a new beat and that spurs my imagination. This happens for all of us and because of that we all really enjoy the music we make. Often times you’re limited to the box inside your head, but when you have input from other people you create beats or melodys that you would never think of.”

Tim is joined in the group by Antony Rodriguez on guitar and vocals, Shua Moore on vocals and percussion, and Joe Mozdzen on bass and vocals. Together they have played extensively in the New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia area, including venues such as The Saint in Asbury Park and the North Star Bar in Philadelphia. On May 22, they will be appearing at RockFest 2010, a City Of Angels benefit concert featuring A Clever Con, Reckless, Honey Spot Boulevard, Street Corner Five, Driven, Honey Spot Boulevard, Jimmy & The Parrots, and others.

Red Sea Affair includes a wide range of influences in the music. “I really enjoy grooving music and hip-hop,” relates Tim. “I like drums that aren’t simple, but aren’t overcomplicating the song, Antony loves stuff like Mars Volta, stuff that is really all over the place, tons of time signature changes, and has a unique style. Throw in a bassist, Joe, who likes metal and hardcore, and you get a pretty unique blend of music. We all have different roles in the band and I think we all complement each other and balance each other out. There’s a lot that influences us individually, but I say the ones we all agree on would be Mars Volta, Emery, MeWithoutYou, and Brand New.”

Songs such as “Manuscripts Of A Solution” and “Vineyard On This Ship” have become favorites with fans. “But I think my favorite to play is always the newest song that we wrote,” laughs Tim. “So right now it’s ‘This Skin I’ve Shed.’ Overall it takes some time for us to write a song, mainly because we’re very critical of ourselves and each other, but it’s all done in love and we know our motives aren’t to offend the other person, but to create a better song.”

They may take their time in developing new material, but it’s all with a strong purpose. “Musically we want to stay fresh, which is hard,” Tim explains. “There’s a fine balance of over thinking, and then not thinking enough, about a song. I’m always thinking of the songs we make and if they sound like any one of our other songs, and if it does what can we do to change that part. The other part of what we aim for musically is to always push ourselves individually as musicians. And I can honestly say there is stuff that I could not play a year ago that I play now in our songs. So it’s sweet to see the progress.”

As far as the name of the group, it’s much simpler than one might expect from a band with such intricate music. “Our lead singer saw a race horse with the name and we all liked it,” Tim chuckles. “I know, kind of a let down, you were thinking it was all deep!”

With more writing and recording on the horizon, and the group being invited to perform a week of shows in Illinois in the week leading up to their RockFest appearance, things seem to be headed in the right direction for Red Sea Affair. “Professionally, our goal is to do this full-time,” says Tim. “We view the band as what God has called us to do right now. We believe He wants us to pursue this and to make this a consistent thing to where we can do this for our day job.”

Red Sea Affair will be performing at the City Of Angels RockFest 2010 on May 22, at the Tall Cedars Grove Park, 245 Sawmill Road, Hamilton, New Jersey. The event will also feature a car and motorcycle show. City Of Angels is a non-profit organization that helps families and young people recover from substance addiction.