Keane: Night Train / Interscope

Britain’s immensely acclaimed, Grammy nominated Keane continue their metaphoric mission with each release, and nowhere is it more evident than on their latest Night Train. The tour diary consists of eight tracks that were recorded on the road during their Perfect Symmetry trek over 28 countries.

The EP boldly mimics the same liberation, speed, expansive vistas and force experienced on the mode of transport that it’s named after. Singer Tom Chaplin shares duets with sought after rapper K’naan on the poppy yet pensive “Stop For A Minute” and the carpe diem “Looking Back” quickly distinguishes itself with a gallant use of the fighting Rocky theme song.

“Your Love” features the more world-weary vocals of pianist/composer Tim Rice-Oxely while “Back In Time” is a slicker take on the alternative jams that filled the radio waves in the ‘80s, a la David Bowie. Tom together with Tim and drummer Richard Hughes get increasingly brave and run in more untouched colorful, exotic territory. Keane undisputedly hit the apex on the Night Train.

In A Word: Chugging