Your Youth: Aloha

Indie darlings Your Youth are back with a small batch of songs on Aloha, an EP that has six strong examples of their sound and songwriting. Lo-fi in it’s own way, the EP is fuzzy sounding, poppy, and overtly indie. There is no posturing or naval gazing on here, and all the songs excel at finding their core and working with it.

The first cut, “Awake”, has a murky, summery quality to it that makes you want to dance and go to the beach at the same time. Each cut is similar in tone and capitalizes on that sound and vibe. “Boomerang” is a perfect track to end the EP on as it’s pseudo anthemic and makes you feel like you’ve had a long rewarding experience when really, you’ve only listened to six songs.

Your Youth is a great summer festival band, perfectly capturing the spirit of it’s generation and the desire for a never ending summer of relaxation and fun. Here’s hoping the band keeps believing that summer never ends.

In a word: Poppy