Amely: Hello World

Prepubescent singing, sugary-sweet choruses and lyrics about teen relationships, do these things compose a substantial portion or your nightmares? If so, you should seek immediate medical attention, but seriously for metalheads everywhere the aforementioned traits are all too real and symptomatic of horrible music. This time around however, these three things seemed to have coalesced into something greater, that thing is Amely.

Amely are somewhat of a break out band, they formed a little over a year ago, did their first show in March 2009 and have already done three national tours. Many bands are hardly known in their hometown during their first year much less have a national fan base in that same year.

To call this band catchy would be an understatement. Every song on this CD has a sweet hook that’ll have you rewinding constantly. Their catchy and accessible sound is definitely their biggest selling point as a band; so many bands would kill to have hooks like Amely does.

Both guitarists tend to play the same thing so it would be pointless to really differentiate them but guitarist/vocalist Petie Pizarro is capable on both fronts, laying down convincing rhythms and singing impressive lines at the same time. The bass work by Patrick Ridgen is not very audible in the mix, which is just about the only thing I can hold against this band. The drumming isn’t anything special but it does the trick and keeps the music moving. This is a band that seems to overachieve my making music that is better than they are, I don’t know why it’s so catchy but Amely have stumbled upon a nigh unstoppable formula.

I would only suggest this to people who love pop-punk although even if you don’t (like myself) you’ll definitely find yourself enjoying Hello World.

In A Word: Sugary