Frames: Mosaik

This is an album that managed to grab your attention and not let go from the first note to the last? Frames, from Hanover, Germany have done just this with their album Mosaik. With only four members, Frames manage to create melancholic aural landscapes that truly speak to the listener and the fact that they manage to do this without a vocalist makes them even more impressive and amazing.

The sound textures on this album are nothing short of spectacular, you know exactly what every instrument is trying to convey; whether its sorrow, anger or excitement, each note is placed perfectly. This band has a very minimalist lineup consisting of only a guitarist, drummer, bassist and keyboard and each and every one of them does an excellent job.

The biggest highlight of this album is the work of Manuel Schonfeld on the keys; his playing is altogether sad, melodic and beautiful without ever becoming cheesy or sappy. There is not an awkward moment to be found on this CD, every track is thoughtfully done and emotively rendered.

So many bands try hard to do what Frames do so wonderfully in their music. They truly speak with their music even though it’s in an instrumental format. There is not a single song on this album that is repetitive or even boring. If you’re a fan of music that strays off of the beaten, conventional path then Frames’ Mosaik is highly recommended.

In A Word: Breathtaking