Three Mile Pilot: The In Evitable Past Is The Future Forgotten

Chances are, if a band has pilot or any word ending with ‘naut in their name, they like drugs, Carl Sagan and making weird music. Sorry to generalize, but it is just true and in this case it works. Three Mile Pilot prefer to take the subtle and weird way out of the unenviable task of songwriting. There are formulaic songs on this album, but to their credit the band know when to make things interesting. The pace and rhythm is slow, deliberate and groovy. They are not out to impress you with their intricate guitar or drum patterns; they just pulse along.

Immediate comparisons would be Interpol, but these guys predate the former by six years. They sound similar because the bass has such presence in each band; it is an audible and important element. Perhaps they have similar influences considering they both formed in the ‘90s.

Their dark and melancholic sound isn’t menacing, though they are most comfortable within minor keys, slow tempos and a general sad feel. If you’re a fan of indie rock I can’t see how The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten could be an unwelcome experience, especially with a title like that. It is definitely worth a try.

In A Word: Chill