The HearIAm Campaign: The Day Is Saved?

Sometimes the most unlikely combinations yield the best results, peanut butter and bananas, or even tigers and lions; ligers. Another uncanny and hopefully successful mix is the HearIAm Campaign. HearIAm is a musical initiative conceived by the brilliants of Sennheiser, Universal Records and Pick The Bands. What makes this dream team so unlikely is the fact that it’s the world’s largest record label (Universal Records) working with the world’s first fan-run record label (Pick The Bands) with a cherry on top in the form Sennheiser.

In the world of music the mere mention of a dream team conjures up images of groups of washed-up artists trying to relive their days of relevancy. Luckily, The Campaign’s main goal is a far greater one; it seeks to connect musicians and fans while also hooking up some lucky artists (as decided by the fans) with some awesome gear, record deals and tour dates. Could the day where everyone wins finally be nearing? The campaign sounds too good to be true, but no one can deny that the bands and fans alike deserve this sort of break. To participate in the HearIAm contest, or to learn more, visit