The Greenhornes: The Greenhornes

I’m so wary of bands with “the“ in their name. I mean if a name can’t stand on its own why do bands think that adding “the” suddenly makes the name good? Anyway, The Greenhornes are one of those bands, so naturally I didn’t know what to think, for one they couldn’t spell horns right. Two strikes against them before I even heard their music. However, my pessimism was soon to be defeated.

There style has a distinctly nostalgic feel to it, if their production were more lo-fi they could pass for classic rock. However, their sound has many “modern” quirks that separate it from simply being imitational. The sense of timelessness in their music is awesome and makes it them immediately accessible.

These days it seems like a lot of music isn’t fun; between eight-finger tapping, sweeping, popping, string skipping and general shredding many bands forget to add “fun” to their list of technical talents. I’m not in the least surprised that Jack White (The White Stripes) signed these guys to his label. They’re not technical or sophisticated but they do have an infectiously fun sound that must dominate live as much as it does over a CD.

This is definitely a worthy addition to any rocker’s collection.

In A Word: Tasty