A Thousand Horses: A Thousand Horses

No gimmicks were needed by this rock and roll band to catch the attention of diehard rock fans out there. A Thousand Horses’ self-titled debut EP has been able to stay true to the genre with their traditional Southern styles accompanied by harmonicas, intense drums and lyrical verses that will make you yearn for the stage.

The EP starts off with the song “Suicide Eyes,” an anthem to those who don’t take crap from anybody. The quintet furthers their no-care attitude from the beginning to the end of the record with frontman Michael Hobby’s confident and equally talented vocals as well as slashing guitar solos sure to bring out your inner rock star. The EP’s theme is persistent throughout with songs like “Travelin’ Man” and the stand-out “A Thousand Horses.” Both are able to show off the band’s love for staying true to themselves while enjoying their crazy lifestyle. Verses like “Got my aviators and my cigarette lighter/my leather jacket/Imma get fired up,” give listeners insight on what the group’s way of living is all about.

What is most unique about the band is their way of flawlessly combining a bit of R&B with sounds from the bass and drums that resemble those of rock legends like the Rolling Stones. A Thousand Horses’ ability to show off their skills is evident in their naturally harmonizing music. The record is undoubtedly exactly what a rock record should be: fun, simple, and lyrically unforgettable.

In A Word: Classic