Local Noise: Kim Yarson

Satisfied came to me one day after I finally decided to take the plunge and sing and make a CD,” explained Kim Yarson, about the name of her last album. “I really had to do some soul searching, and even quit going to school for my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science because I just knew music was where my heart was leading me. As soon as I allowed myself this pleasure, I felt ‘satisfied.’ The song was co-written with my long time co-writers of 10 plus years, Barbara Harley and Al Lind, at a Sunday songwriting session we were having at my house. We have been getting together to write for years, and it is always fun and enjoyable. Al wrote the music and Barb and I easily banged out the lyrics and melody.”

Kim has started to make a name for herself with a number of appearances she put together with other Jersey songwriters.

“I have played in the many venues across New Jersey: at festivals, coffee houses… and my ‘Songwriters In The Round’ series in libraries all across New Jersey,” she said. “This songwriters series was accidentally founded by myself and for the love of songwriting and songwriters, and has taken off to be one of the best shows for songwriters to showcase their original songs. I have been invited back to several libraries and referred through the interlibrary system on many occasions. I won’t stop until I have been in every New Jersey library possible, and played with all of New Jersey’s best songwriters!”

One thing that separates Kim from most up-and-coming musicians on the scene is her dedication to another aspect of her life, even if it limits her opportunities.

“My plan is to live in this moment because that is all I can do while I raise my family,” she mused. “I know down the road I will bring my music further out there by traveling to other cities where I know I have fans, and to make new ones, too. I certainly can join a circus and juggle because that is exactly what I am doing. I don’t overdo any of my careers so I have plenty of time to focus on all of it. Priorities always come first but I have a deep sense of who I am now, so I don’t need to prove myself anymore. My writing just flows because all is exactly as it should be and I don’t force my writing anymore.”

Besides having her family as her priority, her backing musicians are also a family affair.

“My band is currently under construction, but Gary Jakubicki is my lead guitarist and also my cousin,” Kim related. “He has played in many bands throughout his career, but most recently in Christian bands and mine. He also owns the studio where I am currently recording my second CD. Mike Thompson is my brand new bass player. Danny Thompson, who is my drummer and Rock On Radio host, plays with me for now, but is also in Jo Wymer’s band. Marisha Jakubicki is my background vocalist and my cousin.”

Kim tries to keep it real with her writing, and avoids anything that seems predictable or forced.

“The music I do comes from a deep soul, heart level, and if I had to put it in a category it would be contemporary country/pop/rock. I write songs that inspire me, move me, that are the stuff of real life, and sing of accountability and virtues. I try not to waste my time contriving songs that won’t move others simply because I don’t have much time to waste, and there is enough crap on the radio. Listeners are craving something real.”

The genesis of the songs she performs can come at any time.

“My best ideas come when I am jogging or in the car, in places where I don’t have a pen or paper,” Kim laughed. “Luckily, I have a great memory and understand how to craft a song because if the idea is strong enough, then it will write itself once I get home from my jog. I once wrote a song in the woods on a jog, and so I wouldn’t forget the melody and lyrics, I called from my cell phone and left a message on my home answering machine—whatever works. That song, ‘Reach,’ will be on my next CD, Thankful, and has been known to make grown men cry.”

While she cites radio staples as Elton John and Pat Benatar as influences, it’s a lesser known talent that moves her.

“My all time favorite songwriter is Beth Nielsen Chapman,” said Kim. “She continues to inspire me with her lyrics and music and it raises my songwriting bar.”

There are certain songs that have stood out and become crowd favorites.

“My fans always love ‘I Am Soul,’ because it really taps into who we are on a soul level,” she said. “This song was inspired by my mom, who has suffered from anxiety and depression all my life, and who I know is a good soul. ‘Expectation Vacation’ is another fan favorite, but I happen to love ‘I Hate Goodbyes,’ because it came from such a real place and it healed me on a deep level.”

While juggling her duties as wife and mother with her burgeoning music career, Kim manages to keep focused on the task at hand. “My goals are to continue to write songs that touch me and others,” she explained. “And to continue to meet new fans, to travel and sing in other states, and to get my songs on the radio or on TV.”

For more information on Kim, her CD releases, and upcoming shows, check out kimyarson.com.