The Cave Singers: No Witch

This album is a grower; if it isn’t given proper time to develop, its best parts can easily go unheard. That isn’t to say it’s not a gripping album, but you have to let yourself get into it. This is the sort of stuff that can make your foot tap, your hands clap and your head nod or put you in a thoughtful, reflective state of mind.

The small stuff is definitely where it’s at on this album. Vocal harmonies, the intelligent bass lines and innovative drumming are all to be had if you’ll just listen. I swear I heard polyrhythms on the first track. How many bands can sneak a polyrhythm by you without rubbing your face in it? Not many. Some tracks swell into epic amalgamations while others are much more subdued and lilt there way in and out.

This is a mixed bag of influences and ideas, however it is not unfocused. They have their sound, but they don’t let you get too comfortable. I’ve always been a proponent of smaller groups and bands. The level of intensity put forth by each member is so much higher when it’s only three people. The Cave Singers are one such tight knit group of musicians.

Peter Quirk, Derek Fudesco and Marty Lund each put forth their best on this album and it’s quite easy to tell. For those seekers of intelligent, well-crafted yet unassuming music, look no further than this.

In A Word: Intelligent