Steven Drozd: The Heart Is A Drum Machine

Trippy wouldn’t begin to describe this album. It just sneaks up on your and goes “boo” in the most unassuming way. This album has qualities that are yet to be discovered in music or meter, it’s hard to describe things that have never happened before on a CD. The coolest thing about this though is that, despite how weird and unique it is, it remains compelling and interesting throughout.

Drozd enlists Maynard James Keenan to sing the second best version of “Rocket Man” I’ve ever heard (second only to Stewie Griffin’s Shatner meta-cover). Drozd also does a really cool workup of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Cliché thing to cover, I know, but he gives it his own kick so it’s more than bearable—nay, it’s awesome!

A lot of the music is programmed electronically, but it still maintains and organic feel. The electronic element of Steven Drozd’s music really accentuates the dark and, often, spacey textures that he creates with his guitar work.

The only real problem with this album is that it has so many one or two minute songs that seem more like interludes rather than actual songs. I really enjoy the longer songs, but I wish there was more of them to propel this album from being cool to excellent.

For those of you who would like a lunar vacation, but don’t have the billions to afford it, look no further than this album.

In A Word: Lunar