Pushking: The World As We Love It

Featuring Alice Cooper, Steve Vai, Paul Stanley and a slew of other guest musicians, The World As We Love It gives you variety at its finest. While listening to the latest release from Russian classic rock legends Pushking, you will hear a well-refined sound that will leave you wanting more. Led by singer/guitarist Konstantin “Koha” Shustarev and main songwriter Oleg Savilov, Pushking released the disc on Feb. 1. The album truly takes you on a global rock and roll journey through each of the 19 songs.

“Troubled Love,” a track featuring Alice Cooper and Keri Kelli, guitarist in Cooper’s band, explains a crazy relationship between a man and his psychotic wife, and contains great vocals, along with excellent guitars and a very catchy chorus. The guest singer/guitarist in “Nightrider” is none other than ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, who also appears in a simply fantastic song “It’ll Be OK.” “Cut The Wire” is an interesting tune to say the least. The melody is fine, as Stevie Salas does an extraordinary job on guitars, but the vocals of former KISS singer Paul Stanley seem to be a bit off, with his high pitched voice in the otherwise low key song. Some other musicians featured throughout this album are former Deep Purple singer Glenn Hughes, former Rainbow singer Graham Bonnet, Nazareth singer Dan McCafferty and many others.

As the main purpose of The World As We Love It was to reach out to many different fanbases and deliver some solid classic rock and roll, it is safe to say that the goal has been achieved. Great guitars essentially make the album and the vocals are usually pretty good, even though some of the lyrics can get repetitive.

In A Word: Impressive