Peter Buffett: Running Blind

Peter Buffett. That name probably doesn’t ring too many bells, but what about Warren Buffett? Well, allow me to introduce you to the musician son of Warren! This release is an interactive, online recap of just about everything that Peter has done over his 30 years in the music industry. It’s complete with photos, music and videos, all presented within a cozy, digital cabin that fans can explore and get comfortable in. I’m serious about that, by the way.

I’m tentative about calling this an album. Yes, it has music, but you have to storm your own personal Normandy of bookshelves, boxes, TVs and record players to find out that the record player in the cabin that is the interface contains the music. Confused yet? I sure was. Musically, this is a pretty good record. The tunes are modern and clean, but there is something very throwback and timeless about it. Peter Buffett has some strong messages that really come through and he even has the likes of Akon to back him up. However, the listener is forever removed from fully enjoying this release due to the interface, which will be released on a flash drive rather than a CD.

This is like a rubix cube of music, it’s so puzzling at times. In fact, my only issue with this release is the interface; it’s too complicated. There’s music, photos, videos and lyrics and it’s all on the same page. I know that being innovative is a major concern for artists, but at what cost? I sure hope that Peter Buffett includes a set of directions with the USB version of this thing. The music is cool, but the quest to get to the music is not enjoyable at all.

In A Word: Exasperating